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We are devoted to providing training, support, and services for your digital life. Technology moves at a fast pace so it’s very easy to fall behind or feel like you’re not up to date. Whether you just need a simple repair done, some one-on-one training, or just a spot to read up and sharpen your knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re curious to know more, have a look around our website or Contact Us for a more personalized approach. Thanks for stopping by!

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An overview of our Services

One-on-One Training

Training you want for the devices you have
$19/and up
  • Personalized training that we can adjust to your needs
  • Options of phone, remote, or in person training sessions
  • Can be upgraded to a Membership if desired
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Troubleshooting & Repairs

Let us fix it for you!
$149/and up
  • Begins with a Free Assessment to determine the problem
  • We can fix almost any problem, even the big ones.
  • Older computers are not a problem, we can fix those too!
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Featured Articles

Minimizing your accessories and reducing clutter

It adds up fast Digital clutter, or the heaps of extra stuff you have all the sudden from various devices, will stack up fast. Even if you only have a handfull of digital devices, they all have power cables, they all have accessories, and you usually end up with extra...
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Not every computer problem is a problem with your computer

Computer problems are not always the problem In today's digital age there are many things that can go wrong while you're using your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It is easy to assume that the problems are with the device itself but it is not always the case. It's...
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Scammers are using fake errors to trick you into paying for nothing!

How it works So there you are, just surfing around the internet on Facebook, maybe reading some obscure article on the web, then suddenly without warning, BLAMO! You've got a screen full of error messages telling you that you have every problem from Malware and...
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Helpful tips for online shopping

Don't trust everyone We'd like to start with the most important thing, don't trust everyone. Many online shopping centers will offer absurdly low prices to lure you into spending your money. Very frequently these websites will look like a large corporation staffed by...
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Hackers are not out to get you, malware is!

Hackers are not what you think they are! I know it's cliche to say it, but don't trust the Media on this topic. It's not say that bad things don't happen at the hands of malicious computer users, but the portrayal of this "ominous group" out roaming around on the...
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Customer Reviews

Meghan Miroslaw

Meghan Miroslaw

I’ve known the owner for the last three years and I’ve brought them all the work I’ve needed done. I am very pleased with the work they do. The first repair I needed done was for a laptop that was almost broken in two….

Stetsyn Horst

Stetsyn Horst

Great quality and honest service! I recently had a custom computer built by them and it came out great. Professional quality without the absurd price tag. It was built, tested, and up and running in a reasonable amount of time….